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“Chemicals in mehndi leads to it’s dark colour…” everyone said.. But deep inside her heart she believes…
It is only the essence of his love!!

-Shivangi Agarwal

Hello everyone! My name is Mareeya & I’m a 21 year old self-taught contemporary artist.

I was offered many Art and henna opportunities but I decided to venture out on my own and create a website to share some of my most loved artwork, henna designs and makeup pictures with you and offer you a professional and friendly henna and makeup artist service in Bradford and Leeds area. I am totally independent and am available to visit. My services are for Henna and for makeup, my artwork is only available to purchase online. All my pictures are original and have not been airbrushed or edited.

My passion is for art whether it is with painting on canvass, henna on your body or makeup for beauty. I feel privileged to be able to work in a field which I truly thoroughly enjoy.

My Artworks by Mareeya

Art has no boundaries; which is why my style of art is so varied – every piece is different – I have work ranging from simple and elegant to much more vibrant pieces that incorporate colour and texture. I don’t have a set style because I’m constantly looking to expand my skills and tap into new techniques and designs in order to offer you guys something different and fresh! My artwork is unlike others because I combine elements of Arabic calligraphy and contemporary art. I take time on every art piece I get orders for and ensure that they are up to the best of my ability.

I think it’s also best to note that because they are original designs and hand painted– not every single piece will look identical but I can assure you it’ll still be a stunning. I take great pride in my ability to leave all my customers 100% satisfied and I’m super excited to share my work with you all.

Henna and Makeup Artist in Bradford by Mareeya

I’ve loved doing Henna and makeup from young and I’ve improved over the years with continuous practice. I offer bridal and party henna/mehndi and makeup for all occasions in Bradford and surrounds. I only use is 100% natural herbal henna because chemical henna cones are not suitable for people with sensitive skin types.

The henna I use has a fine cone for intricate patterns and being herbal it leaves a dark rich maroon stain. Due to the henna being natural, the stain develops its darkest shade after 3 days after its initial application, therefore its best to book me 3 days prior the occasion if you want the henna looking its best.

This type of henna is homemade and lasts much longer than chemical cheaper inferior versions. Don’t forget the chemicals in the henna do absorb into your skin and into your blood stream- so need to worry from me as the henna/mehndi used is chemical free!

If you’re looking for a makeup or henna artist and you want to look beautiful, and you are in the Bradford area, be rest assured I offer reasonable prices and a friendly professional personal home visit service. I have dealt with different skin
types and ladies of all ages for all different types of functions including School Prom, Wedding, Anniversary, and Party, Waleema or a treat for you or friends and family. All girls deserve a makeover day!

I hope you find something you love whilst browsing! Enjoy my website and any comments or suggestions would always be appreciated.

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